Skeleton Glide

Skeleton Glide 20m: Boys and Girls

This is an event where athletes will run and jump on a scooter head first on their belly sliding on a smooth surface. The total distance of the glide is 20m and athletes will start at the 1 m line and have until the 7 m line to push their scooter as fast as they can and then jump on head first on their belly and glide the rest of the way to 20m. In this event the fastest time will win. Athletes may use one scooter and up to three scooters connected together as long as you go head first and land and jump on the scooters using your belly. You cannot use your hands on the floor to help you glide or steer your scooter or scooters. This event can run as heats by time or by a final with a maximum of 4 athletes.