About the Games

The Winter Championship Series started on 01/03/2014 with the idea to keep teachers and community members active during the winter months with individual and team challenges using Fitbit and the competition Arm Throw (Archrival Competition). The founder and games organizer Peter S. Gottwald, Jr. started the games with only two challenge events and some were added along the way, but now in 2020 the games added new events the goal of challenging athletes with something that they have never done before. The events are Short Track Running, Fitbit Challenge, Power Throw Competition, Archrival Competition, Warrior Rival Competition, Team Cross and the Reaction Interval Challenge.

All staff and 4th to 8th grade students are allowed to compete in the games for medals. The younger grades K to 3rd grade will compete against each other, but will not compete for medals. All running events are officially timed with a camera recording the athletes as they cross the finish line for the most accurate time. Also, staff members that earn a gold medal in an event will be able to defend their title even if they leave the school, however that rule does not apply for students.


Each athlete who medals in the games will receive an orange rose that represents the spirit of competition though the collective community.

Student Events:

Short Track Running, Fitbit Challenge, Power Throw Competition, Skeleton Glide, Archrival Competition, Warrior Rival Competition and the Reaction Interval Challenge

Staff Events:

Fitbit Challenge and Archrival Competition, but more can be added