Games Update

The Winter Championship Series will continue in early to mid May 2021 for some of the events. The events that will be contested are: Short Track Running and Power Throw Competition. Biathlon Run may be a trial event this year. Completed Events: Fitbit Challenge, Reaction Interval Challenge The events that cannot be contested are: Skeleton Glide and Archrival Competition All… Read more →

Team Pursuit Challenge

Hello and good morning everyone, The Team Pursuit Challenge starts tomorrow November 14th at 12 midnight and the Fitbit Run event will also start tomorrow as well so every step that you make is for your team and yourself so try and push yourself to see how many steps you can get for this final Fitbit Challenge. The All-Around is… Read more →

Fitbit Marathon Update

Hello and good afternoon everyone! 🙂 The Fitbit Marathon is in the final stretch now with six athletes well beyond the 100,000 step mark. The unknown athlete has made themselves known as they pull into second place for the moment with three other athletes following close behind. The leader right now cannot be caught with a current step total of… Read more →

Fitbit Marathon Update

The Fitbit Marathon is definitely heating up with three athletes clearing the 100,000 step mark and one athlete nearing 200,000 steps if their pace continues. There is quite a bit of movement in the top 10 as well with athletes reaching over 50,000 steps with a lot of back and forth. Another athlete that wasn’t recording too many steps decided… Read more →