About the Events

All students and staff will compete together, but staff can only enter two staff members or one team in an event final assuming they qualify to the final round of that event through time, distance or rank.

Short Track Running: Boys and Girls

This is an event where athletes will have to use their speed in combination with their drifting skills in order to make those tight turns around a very short track. This track is made up of cones that you must go around on the outside. All athletes will run counterclockwise for these events. At no time may any athletes jump or skip around the cones.

36m Dash 1 lap with a straight lane start (run as time trial or 4 in a final)

114m Sprint: 3 laps with waterfall start (run as time trial or 6 in a final)

190m Run: 5 laps with waterfall start (run as final only with a maximum of 9 athletes)

480m Endurance Run: 10 laps with a waterfall start (run as final with a maximum of 5 athletes or as a time trial final). The track is made into a 48m track for this event.

160m Mixed Team Relay: 4 x 40m mixed relay with two boys and two girls from the same grade band

Power Throw: Boys and Girls

In this event athletes will be throwing a weight ball as far as they can with or without a running start with both hands or over the head. Athletes will be given a 10m running area to run and throw the ball as far as they can. If an athlete runs past the 10m line the throw will be considered no good. In this event each athlete will get three attempts. Girls and boys will use a weight of 4.4 lbs. The ball should be around 8 inches wide and no more than 12 inches wide. If there is a tie between two or more athletes the rank will be decided on who threw the same distance first, second and third. If it is a tie between what attempt the distance is thrown and the actual distance itself then a final throw will be given to those athletes and this will continue until there’s a winner. This event can run as heats by distance or by a final with a maximum of 8 athletes.

Archrival: Mixed

In this event athlete’s will throw a disc (20-24 inches wide) to a target area with three pins lined up 1m apart from each other. Athletes are to knock over as many pins as possible at certain distances. Athletes will get four attempts/throws to knock over the pins at the target. The point value is the number of pins knocked over x distance away by meters. The distance range is from 5 to 20m and athletes can start at any distance they choose and move to any distance they choose within the range perimeters. If an athlete misses the target more than three times they are out of the competition. The remaining athletes after four attempts can keep can going until they have a miss. The athletes must be at least 10m away from the target. A miss is when an athlete hits no pins. In the event of a tie the remaining athletes will be placed at a 15m distance away from the target and will continue until there is a winner. The target platform must be between 2 to 4 feet in height. This event uses a Beamo disc/frisbee and other brands may be used as long as it meets the width requirement of 20 to 24 inches.

Sports Cross: Boys and Girls

In this event athletes will pull themselves a distance of 10m across the floor on a scooter using a rope. The athlete who reaches the other side first wins. Athletes can chose to sit or lay on the scooter, but they cannot use any body part to move themselves forward or in any direction. Athletes can only use their hands to pull the rope. The ropes will be tied onto the other side of the wall. During this sprint event athletes who fall off their scooters may get back on without any body part touching the ground and start pulling themselves to the finish line. This can be run as a time trial final or a final with a maximum of four athletes at one time.

Multi Sprint: Boys and Girls

In this event athletes will be using their running and agility skills as they weave in and out and hurdle over comes.. In this 30m sprint event athletes will weave in and out of four comes and then after the turn will hurdle over there sets of comes (two placed next to each other) to the finish line. At no point may any athlete knock any towns over or go out of their lane. All cones must be 18 inches high and be placed 2m apart from each other. This can be run is a time trial final or a 1 vs 1 final.


Competition Criteria for WCS Events:

Individual Events: minimum of eight (8) athletes

Team Events and Relays: minimum of five (5) teams

Events that run a final at the same time must have camera recorded official timing using a stationary platform with a wide view of the start/finish line showing a side view of the athletes. A minimum of a mobile phone and camera app must be used.

Elite Competition Event:

Short Track Running: Athletes will be chosen from all of the Short Track Running events and the Biathlon Run to run an elite 10 lap race (500m) and the winner will receive a $20 Amazon gift card. Athletes who earned 4th place or better in an event will qualify for this elite round automatically. The field will be filled with any remaining spots until the athlete count reaches 8 in total. The only way that more than 8 athletes will qualify is either by earning top four in an event or breaking the games record during a qualifying or final round in at least one of the events for Short Track Running.

One Time Event:

A one time event may be added by the games organizer at any time for the Winter Championship Series. The one time events are non medal events, but will still remain on the official results. The games organizer may decide to keep the event for the following year where then it will be a medalist event. Only one “one time event” may be added during the Winter Championship Series for that year. Only events that are added prior to the start of the games will be valid medalist events.

Challenge Period:

A challenge period is reserved for other athletes and spectators to challenge the validity of results, but this challenge period will only be open for a maximum of 12 hours after an event ends. After the time specified for the events no more challenges will be accepted and results will be final. A challenge must be immediately presented (within 15 minutes) for a racing or throwing event. Events that athletes compete in at different times has a challenge time of 12 hours.