Archrival Competition

Target Throw: In this event athletes will throw a tennis ball into a bucket at certain distances away. The entire length of distance from the bucket is 20 m and all athletes that are competing in this event will start 5 m away from the bucket. An athlete has three attempts at each distance and must make it into the bucket on one of those attempts to move on to the next distance. All athletes who make it at the 5 m line will advance 1 m and this will continue at each meter or until all athletes except for one have been eliminated. If two or more athletes make it to the 20 m line all athletes get three attempts at the 20 m distance and whoever misses first will be eliminated from the competition. The same rule applies if there are three athletes left in the competition when 20 m has not been reached. If one athlete beats everyone at a certain distance they are automatically the winner. The rest of the athletes would be competing for second and third place. If only three athletes make it passed a certain distance then they would keep moving up until there was one athlete left in the competition. Also if there are two or three athletes left in the competition they may all choose to do a final rival at that distance. When a final rival is in play all remaining two or three athletes who play until there was one person left in the competition. The advantage will be given to the athletes who make it in the bucket on their first attempt. If all remaining athletes make it on the same attempt or not make it at all the final rival will reset at the same distance.

Quick Throw: All the same except the starting distance is at 10 m and the athletes have to run around the short track (50m) and then release the ball while in motion within a 5 m zone. Athletes cannot stop before they throw the tennis ball and they must be in the designated zone or the throw will not count. Also, the distance around the track may get shorter as athletes progress to the next distance.